April 2019 at Stourton


We are gearing up for our events this year starting on Sunday May 19th – our open day with guided and self-guided walks supporting the Wolds Walking Festival as well as some deer safaris on the tractor & trailer and light refreshments! 

Some of our events are ticketed so please don’t forget to buy tickets for these forthcoming events:

NEW EVENT: Pop-Up Pub Night at the Water Tower: 1st June 2019 £5 per person – Ticket Holders Only

Come and join us as we open the Water Tower just outside the village of Baumber!  We have carefully restored this historic tower with windows and a Victorian spiral staircase.  The staircase leads up to the old tank at the top, this has been boarded out for you to enjoy panoramic views over the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds and River Bain Valley.

More excitingly (!) we have also installed a quirky bar on the ground floor!  From this we will serve local Lincolnshire ales from Ferry Ales Brewery at Fiskerton as well as Prosecco and soft drinks.

A pub quiz hosted by John Marshall (him off the radio…) starts at 7.30pm.  We welcome teams to take part and enjoy the evening at this unique venue.

The Willow Bull Steak Shack will be serving delicious steak, venison burgers and hot-dogs as well as tasty vegetarian fayre.  These will be available alongside the tower for punters to enjoy over the course of the evening.

We will be open from 6pm – 10pm. Due to very limited space this event is strictly for ticket holders only.  Don’t miss out! Tickets are £5 per person and can be bought online here.  Your ticket includes a free drink on arrival!

Family Camping Weekend: 14th-16th June 2019

Do you have children who would like to experience camping for the first time? Or, maybe you are family of seasoned campers?  Either way this is one weekend not to miss!

Come and stay in the camping field which is secluded and enclosed.  Children have a degree of freedom here – enjoying simple pleasures such as den-making, playing on a small pirate ship climbing frame and a very popular sand-pit.  Perfect conditions for special family time with children playing whilst parents unwind & relax! Plus there are loads of optional extras to enjoy over the weekend.

Food, drinks and essentials like running water and portable loos are on site throughout the weekend.  This is an ideal opportunity to get closer to nature and enjoy some family time together!

Click here to find out more and to book your place.

Thank you for coming to see us at Countryside Lincs

We had the pleasure of attending the Countryside Lincs event on Sunday 14th April at the Lincolnshire Showground.  It was great to meet so many of you and to talk to you about everything that we do here on the estate.  We hope you and/or your little ones enjoyed completing the fun activities we had on the stand.

Lincoln Mums Discount on Deer Safaris

unimog, deer safari, woods, arboretum, christmas, treat, red deer, safariWe are delighted to announce that we are advertising with Lincoln Mums this year.  Lincoln Mums is a website which helps ‘mums’ – or those with children, to make the most of liv    ing in Lincoln, with up-to-date, useful and practical information about events, activities, food and drink news, advice and discounts as well as shopping information.  A wide range of discounts are available to Lincoln Mums card holders.  We are offering cardholders the benefit of 10% off our deer safaris throughout the year. To find out more or to sign up for a card please click here.

On The Farm

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to mention Brexit in the last blog post…??! We promise not to mention it again!

We have now completed our spring seeding campaign. The remainder of our Barley was sown into relatively good, but rapidly drying seedbeds; most of this has now emerged.

Following on from our spring barley sowing we moved into drilling our sugar beet. This is sown using a ‘precision drill’, which differs from a conventional seed drill in that it sows individual seeds a precise distance apart in each row. Our sugar beet is sown at 17.5cm spacing (just shy of 7 inches for those of a more traditional persuasion!) The beet has just started to emerge, although it hasn’t been helped by the cool conditions we have experienced of late. Our oilseed rape is just coming into flower. Though it hasn’t particularly enjoyed the recent frosts, hopefully they haven’t been severe enough to cause too much damage.

We have recently completed an application of phosphate and potassium fertilisers on all winter and spring cereals, which they will use as they rapidly move through their growth stages. The winter wheat has received its main dressing of nitrogen fertiliser with just a small balance to apply. Plans are now being made for a fungicide application to protect against diseases such as septoria tritici, yellow and brown rust as well as any nutritional needs the crop may have. All spring crops are due their second and final dose of nitrogen any time now, and will be monitored for weed emergence and also the presence of any disease. Further reading on crop nutrition is available here for those who are interested.

Moving through April into May, the sprayer will be busy applying plant protection products to all of our crops. Our wild bird seed mixes will be sown in the next month; these will provide an overwinter food-source for all manner of farmland birds. As well as these our nectar flower mixes will be sown; these boost the availability of essential food sources for a range of nectar feeding insects including bees and butterflies. The land for these is currently being ploughed.

We hope for conditions to be a little less dry as the next blog post comes along, the situation on some of our lighter soils could soon be a little desperate. We may even have to resort to singing or some sort of rain dance. I will apologise in advance if I’ve not been careful what I wish for and the bank holiday ends up a washout, but farmers in the east of the country will certainly be glad of a little rain soon (we don’t want for much)!

Deer Diary

Deer inside Stourton EstatesWe have a confession to make.  Last month we promised a special ‘turnout tour’ to allow you to witness the deer frolicking into the parkland for Spring.  Unfortunately the lovely weather we experienced in the last week of March meant that we needed to get them out early to enjoy the space outdoors once again and to feel the sun on their backs.  As a result there was no time to plan and invite people to this event, so we apologise to anyone who was looking forward to that.

In all honesty the turn out took three days, with some of our nervier calves being quite reticent to leave the safety of the crew yard, so the tour would have meant you booking some time off work and sleeping in the yard which is not quite so exciting!



We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest news post.  Remember our open day on Sunday 19th May – we’d love to see you here!

We hope you have a very Happy Easter!


Helen & Antony

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