wheat field


Here at Stourton, we crop approximately 560 hectares. Crops that we grow include Wheat, Barley, Oilseed Rape, Sugar Beet and Field Beans.Tractor Drilling

The work is carried out by a small, highly skilled team using a fleet of modern machinery and some of the latest precision farming techniques. Our main cultivations tractor, for example, uses auto-steer to cut down on overlaps and therefore wasted time, fuel and wearing parts.

We sample our soil once every four years to establish whether the balance of nutrients is correct for the crops that we grow. These samples are mapped using GPS and from these maps, we are able to apply nutrients exactly where they are needed in the fields.

The crops are managed hand in hand with an ELS/HLS environmental stewardship scheme designed to encourage farmland birds and other wildlife to flourish on our land.

Modern agriculture is almost completely unrecognisable from what many would consider traditional. As an industry, we are constantly striving to improve the way that we operate and to ensure our produce is of the highest quality.

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