Willowglow Briquettes

We are excited to offer you this completely 100% natural product.

Made from 100% British Willow with only 8% moisture content, these logs burn with a long-lasting heat output with no additives or chemicals.  Each pack contains 7 full size briquettes.  They are packed in re-cycled plastic & are easy to modify in size to fit any Multifuel Stove, Open Fire, Firepit or BBQ free from spitting or sparking.  This is the perfect product to use all year round.

These are really easy to use; just surround your kindling with Willoglow briquettes and light the kindling.   Then… sit back and enjoy the long-lasting Willoglow warmth – perfect!

Delivery is FREE (with a minimum 5 pack order) within our 20 mile radius from LN9 5PB.  If you’d like more than 9 packs please contact us directly and we can arrange this.

Individual bags or a larger quantity are available for collection by arrangement from Top Yard Farm, Baumber.  We can offer these at a discounted rate of £7.50 per pack for collection.  Please phone 01507 578236 or email us and we can arrange this for you.


These Willoglow briquettes have been sourced from Energy Crops Consultancy and are made from compressed willow woodchip.  They are suitable for burning in open fires (no sparking or spitting), multi-fuel stoves and even outdoor firepits, chimineas and barbecues.  Since they’re made from 100% pure virgin willow, sourced only from UK farms, there’s no strange smells or smokes from additives and waste materials.

Willoglow is a premium quality product aimed at consumers who care about sustainability and renewable energy.

This product differs from standard heat logs in these ways:

  • Willow is a truly sustainable and renewable source of energy – willow plantations regrow after every harvest, year after year
  • Willoglow heat logs are made from 100% pure willow woodchip – no sawmill residues or by-products
  • Willow is a fantastic biodiversity booster – from providing early season pollen and nectar for bees to homes for mammals, small and large
  • Carbon is stored in the roots and soil as willow grows and when burned, it only releases CO2 that it had collected anyway
  • All willow is grown in the UK – every purchase of Willoglow heat logs supports local farmers and growers