We produce the highest quality venison from our 120 breeding hinds lovingly reared on the farm at Baumber, on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Our english red deer are predominantly grass-fed in the beautiful historic parklands around the estate and benefit from the natural shelter of the surrounding woodland, ancient trees and ‘swimming’ ponds.  Herb-rich silage is grown on the farm to keep the herds well fed over the winter when they are in the Roundhouse.  These high welfare conditions mean that the venison being reared always reach the highest quality in the most sustainable way.

Venison is a really healthy meat as it is very low in saturated fat.  It’s also rich in iron and B vitamins and the fact that it contains conjugated linoleic acid means it supports heart health too.

Our venison is professionally butchered & packaged for us by local butchers.  We then label and freshly freeze all cuts of venison here at Stourton. The meat produced at Stourton is not only well cared for but top quality and absolutely delicious.  It is very easy to cook – similar to cooking beef (it just takes less time) and we are always happy to give you pointers and ideas but we would recommend you give it a try and taste for yourself!

We have generally have good availability of most cuts of venison so if there is a particular product you would like to buy please phone us to confirm availability on 01507 578236 mon- thurs 9-4, or alternatively please email

We can organise collection of your order from the farm office (open 9-4 weekdays)  or we can arrange local delivery alongside other products.

We have also created a range of our favourite recipes – click here to access these – a printed selection is included with every order!