October 2020 at Stourton

Our Brand New Venison Delivery Van is here!

If you are a follower of one of our social media pages you will probably be aware that we have had a very exciting addition to the Stourton team this month.  We are delighted to announce the arrival of the ‘Veni Van’. It has been expertly wrapped by Revolution Wraps, based in Louth and is ready to make its first deliveries of our fresh venison on Friday 30th October.  The van is a vital tool for our local delivery as it is refrigerated and ensures that whether you order frozen or fresh venison that it arrives in tip-top condition. If you see us on our travels be sure to give us a wave!



Place your venison order now for delivery later this week!

There’s still time just to place an order for you fresh venison boxes for delivery on Friday 30th October.

You can find all the details of our Imperial Venison box here, and our smaller Royal box here.

The boxes will be available on a monthly basis but availability is limited so we recommend getting your order in as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. Delivery is free within a 20 mile radius of the farm postcode and we will deliver up to 30 miles for a small fee.  We are working on postal delivery options so we hope that this will be available soon.

Plus, there’s 10% off your first venison box order, all you need to do is enter the code ‘freshveniboxintro10’ at the checkout.

If you are happy to order frozen venison, then we make weekly deliveries.  You can select all your favourite cuts and delivery is free on any orders over £25 within 20 miles of the farm.

Four Venison Myths Dispelled

We understand the venison is not widely available and that people are unfamiliar with how to cook it so we would like to crack four key myths surrounding venison:

  1. I haven’t got time to marinade it for hours to get it tender…

You really don’t have to, our venison is naturally tender – ALL prime steaks should be cooked in a hot skillet or frying pan quickly for best results, the casserole and braising are really the only cuts that benefit from slow cooking but we’re talking a couple of hours not days!

  1. I just don’t know what to do with it…

Venison is just as versatile as beef, our mince can be used to make flavoursome ragu sauces for bolognaise or lasagne, the casserole is great for stews, tasty curries or pies and the steaks are easily fried or grilled with chips, joints create a special family roast and the fillet and sirloin are great for entertaining – there’s never any leftovers!  Or try our sausages and burgers for a more healthy quick supper at home. Plus we have a gallery on our website including some of our tried and tested venison recipes.  Take a look and get your juices flowing!

  1. I’ve had it before and it’s such an overpowering flavour, I’m not keen

Our venison has a light gamey flavour, it’s certainly not strong, you may have had a different breed or it may have been hung for a longer time, it might even have been from an older animal.  Our herds are predominantly grass fed and their diet is supplemented by herb rich silage (especially selected for them) as well as treats of barley and beef nuts for extra protein – they even enjoy some windfall apples in the autumn!  Really you’ll have to try some of our venison to dispel this myth but we are very careful to ensure all our meat is flavoursome and succulent – even the children love it!

  1. I’ve heard it’s a lean healthy meat but don’t you need marbled fat for it to melt in the mouth?

You’re right, venison is healthy – it is a very low calorie meat, leaner than beef with less saturated fat, what’s more it is high in protein, iron and B vitamins as well as being rich in conjugated linoleic acid (good for heart health).  However, the good news is that this doesn’t affect how wonderfully tender the meat is, from frying steaks to loin our venison is beautifully succulent, in our opinion best enjoyed slightly underdone to appreciate the delicate flavor and texture.

On the Farm

Oli and the team have made steady progress with the winter drilling, often working into the early hours to beat each new band of wet weather. They have even found a time to harvest the first of the sugar beet which managed a not too disappointing yield despite its’ odd yellow coloured leaves.

In between showers, Ken has been busy in the workshop servicing our machinery and loading lorries with grain.


Stay cosy with our Kiln Dried Logs

The clocks have changed, it’s darker earlier and there’s definitely more of a nip in the air. Make sure you stay warm and snuggly at home this winter with our kiln dried logs.

Our logs are of the highest quality hardwood varieties that are super dry & graded to remove dust and sticks before being kiln dried at the farm at Baumber.

So that we can manage our stock levels we are currently limiting log orders to 2 x 0.7cubic metre bags per customer.

Delivery of our logs is free within a 20 mile radius of the LN9 5PB.

Is it too early to mention the C word……?

We are delighted to announce that we will be selling Christmas trees for you to pre-order this year.

Once again we will be selling beautifully shaped, freshly cut Nordmann fir trees. The great thing about these trees is that they hold their needles for much longer than other varieties, so you can be sure that your tree will look great throughout the festive season.

The trees are freshly cut and will be in stock at the end of November.  We stock sizes between 4 – 6ft trees.

We can deliver it directly to your door, free within 20 miles of LN9 5PB or you will be able to come and collect your tree from the farm office, off the Caistor High Street, B1225 LN9 5PB by prior arrangement.

If you’d prefer to choose your tree in person, please pre-order, online and make a note of this in the notes field on your order, we will then contact you to arrange a suitable time for collection.

These are up on our website and available to order now, so you have plenty of time to get organised!

On the Estate

Road testing a new walk through the estate

It’s certainly been quiet around the estate this year without any visitors and we have missed being able to share our beautiful estate and many planned events with you.  We are already planning for 2021 though (fingers crossed) and we definitely haven’t stood still.

We have been busy reviewing our tracks and trails around the estate. Not only have we been clearing away fallen trees from last winter and trimming and tidying up but we have had the mower out to create some longer and more varied routes around the woodland. We hope to be able to share these with you at the launch of the Lincolnshire Outdoor Festival in May next year

We are also very excited about the imminent installation or our new flushing loos.  The loo block installation has been somewhat curtailed by Covid but we hope that not only our future event visitors but also anyone who privately hires the safari tent for their wedding or special event will benefit from the enhanced facilities.


We hope that you are well and keeping safe and we really hope to see you soon!

Antony and Helen

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Our Brand New Venison Delivery Van is here!