April 2020 at Stourton

Landscaping Products are available for delivery

Bag of woodchipWe are delighted to announce that our landscaping products are once again available for delivery. So whether you are in the midst of a large garden project during this lockdown period, or just want to keep those weeds at bay in your beds, then take a look at our range.

We have stocked up on our garden bark chippings which are available in 0.7m³ builders’ bags.

No doubt, if you have kids, they are enjoying the garden at the moment.  If you want peace of mind whilst they are playing and to protect the area under any play equipment you have in the garden we sell play bark chippings.  These are fully compliant to BSEN1177 and are produced from graded soft woods and is screened and tested to ensure it’s safe for your children to play on. This is also ideal for commercial use.

If you are looking for a more natural look for your garden beds or play areas then we also have pine nuggets, large pieces of pine bark, available for delivery.

Delivery of our landscaping products is free within a 20mile radius of LN9 5PB.  Please place your order online and we will be in touch to arrange contact free delivery to your chosen address.

If you have any questions about any of our landscaping products or wish to enquire about free delivery then please don’t’ hesitate to contact us.


Freshly Frozen Home Grown Venison – Direct to your Door

Last month we launched our contact-free venison delivery service. We’d like to thank those customers who have ordered so far and we hope that you have enjoyed trying something a bit different for dinner.

As well as ready meals, prime cuts, sausages, burgers and casserole cuts we are delighted to announce that we have launched a Venison BBQ Pack.

Our BBQ Pack is ideal for feeding a hungry family. The box is excellent value and includes;

  • 4 gluten free burgers,
  • 6 gluten free sausages; and
  • 2 large steaks (either rump or haunch).

Depending on the size of the steaks, the boxes range between £21 and £26.50 and qualify for free delivery within a 20 mile radius of our farm postcode. If your order does not include a BBQ Box then a minimum spend of £25 applies to qualify for free delivery.

If you’ve never cooked with venison before or want some recipe inspiration please take a look at our recipe gallery on site which is full of some of our favourite (and tried and tested) recipes.

We hope to see you with a venison delivery very soon!

On the Farm

We are delighted to report that some of our feed wheat will end up as hand sanitiser! We recently around 50 tonnes of feed wheat to Frontier’s Cargil plant on Trafford Park in Manchester.  This plant processes wheat to produce animal feeds.  One of the primary by-products of the production process is alcohol.  Whilst this alcohol is usually put into the distillery market the site are diverting it into the production of much needed hand sanitiser.  It’s really nice to know that in a round-about way we are doing our bit!

March and April’s fantastic weather has also meant that we have finally managed to complete our drilling program for the year, so at least we will be able to get the harvester out in summer! After an absolutely sodden winter preventing us from drilling the recent weather is, dare we say it, a little too dry and we are very quietly doing a rain dance as a little moisture would really help the seed establishment in its very early stage.

Deer Diary

Having been turned out for Spring, the young deer are loving the sunshine and are happily spending their days roaming the parkland taking in the sights and sounds without a care in the world. No social distancing rules for them! We are also busy collecting the ‘windfall’ antlers from around the fields as the boys are all losing these thick and fast.

We are currently anticipating the arrival of the calving season which will begin in May so we are keeping a close eye on our hinds, ensuring that they are well fed and looking in good condition at this stage of their pregnancy. As soon as we have one we will share a photo of our first calf of the season.  These are usually very well hidden in long grass to provide protection.



Finally, on a personal note we hope that you are all keeping safe, well and sane during this lockdown period. We take our hats off to all key workers and send our support to everyone who is juggling the challenges of working from home, home-schooling and everything else at the moment!

In light of event cancellations and reduced workload in some areas of the business we have had to make the tricky decision to furlough some of our team but hope to see them back in the office and around the estate very soon.  With this in mind if you need to contact us please place any orders online and if you have queries please email contact@stourtonestates.co.uk and we will get back to you ASAP.

Please take care and we hope to see you as soon as possible.

Antony and Helen

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Landscaping Products are available for delivery